Přečerpávací vodní elektrárna Dlouhé stráně
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Přečerpávací vodní elektrárna Dlouhé stráně
Přečerpávací vodní elektrárna Dlouhé stráně
Přečerpávací vodní elektrárna Dlouhé stráně

Přečerpávací vodní elektrárna Dlouhé stráně

Water tanks

Long hillside has tanks with a height difference of 510.7 meters.

The upper reservoir is located on the top of the mountain Dlouhé slopes at an altitude of 1350 m and has an operational volume of 2,580,000 m³ (total volume of 2,719,750 m³) and occupies an area of ​​15.4 hectares, with a maximum depth of 26 m.

Dolní nádržleží on the river Divoká desná at an altitude of 824.7 m and has a total volume of 3,405,000 cubic meters and an area of 16.3 hectares.

When fully regain the upper reservoir water level will rise 21.5 m lower reservoir levels will drop by 22.2 m. The upper reservoir is insulated with 18 cm layer of natural asphalt, which was imported from Albánie- it was needed because it is material that can withstands temperature range -30 up to +60 ºC. Besides the tank top there is a small memorial that preserves the original height of the top of the mountain, which was otherwise cut back by about three meters.

The main task of the plant is to ensure the stability of the electricity grid, for which the necessary balance between current consumption and power supplied energy resources. Several times daily it passes from the pump to the turbine mode and vice versa. Due to the onset of wind and solar power to greatly increase the instability of the system is why recently transferred power to the pump mode during the day, whereas previously passed into this mode in most cases only at night.

Phone numbers for booking excursions: 585283282, 602322244

IC Operating hours: Mon-Sun 8.00 - 17.00 pm.

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Long Slopes IC provides:

* Providing information on PVE DS
* Reservation and ticket sales for the pumped storage power station Dolní Stráně
* Transport for individuals and groups
* Is the starting point for excursions - all interested in the excursion must always be reported in IC!
* Souvenirs
* Sale of lift tickets (cash register next to the shop Helia Sport)

The excursion is necessary to always call ahead to order.

Excursions are conducted daily with participants (including weekends and holidays) from 8.00-17.00 pm. Maximum number of participants is 50 people.

Dogs are not allowed on the excursion !!!

Shipments of passenger cars is not possible, it is necessary to use public transport operators or own buses that meet the Euro 3 norm. You can leave cars parked in the car park free of charge at Kouty.

Visitors arriving by bicycle to the power plant gate, have the possibility of locking behind the gate, at the plant site.

If you buy a ticket to the power plant, we offer you refreshments or a single menu for a bargain price for the whole group at the newly opened Kouty. Orders must always advance on tel .: 602 322 244 or 585 283 282, respectively. info@k3-sport.cz.

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