Šerák - Chata Jiřího
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Výhled na Praděd
Šerák - Chata Jiřího
Šerák - pohled na Jeseník
Šerák - Chata Jiřího

Šerák - Chata Jiřího

Cottage Jiřího on Šerák is located at the foot of Hruby Jesenik ridge at an altitude of 1351 m above sea level.

Šerák is a natural tourist trail for hiking on Vozka, Keprník and for those proficient on Praděd.

The cottage is completely renovated boasting with 2-3 bed rooms, restaurants and a modern bathroom. The cozy equipment of rooms is accompanied by nature, with fresh mountain air.

From my own experience I recommend comfortable shoes, the backpack snacks, plenty of fluids and head for the hills (We went the route of Červenohorské saddle over Vřesova well and the Keprník. This is an average of challenging route, which is a length of 9 km and suitable for almost everyone) .

Phone+(420) 584 411 821
Link http://www.bonera.cz