Zřícenina hradu Kolštejn a zámek Branná

Zřícenina hradu Kolštejn a zámek Branná

Kolštejn castle ruins and chateau Branná is located in the village Branná about 20 km from Jesenik and 23 km from Sumperk.

It was built in the early 14th century by the House of Wustehubů for the purpose of guarding the provincial route from Moravia to Silesia.

From the original Gothic castle are preserved remains of walls, the torso of a cylindrical tower and remains of the palace.

The ruins of the castle rests on one floor so-called Renaissance. Central lock. The northernmost part of the complex occupies so. Lower Castle. It is a Renaissance building with arcades and partially preserved graphite plaster. Interesting is the input black tower with observation gallery and chapel with fragments of wall paintings. Repaired 50 meters long bridge is one of the longest bridges in our country.

Kolštejnského tour of the castle and the castle includes the Renaissance buildings of the lower and middle castle. The accessible part, visitors inspect the Black observation tower, castle courtyard with Renaissance arcades, chateau chapel with remains of wall paintings, rooms with stucco decorations and the ruins of the original castle with spectacular views of the surrounding area. There is also installed a small exhibition on the history Kolštejn.

The castle gradually fell into disrepair, but since 1998 has been renovated and is now open to the public. During the season, also organized exhibitions of contemporary art and other cultural events.