Rozhledna Biskupská kupa
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Rozhledna Biskupská kupa
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Rozhledna Biskupská kupa
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Rozhledna Biskupská kupa

Lookout Biskupská kupa (890 m) is one of the major tourist sites in Zlate Hory. It is built on the Czech-Polish border and at the same time the historical boundary between the bishopric of Olomouc and krokovským.

At the peak from year 1889 is a wooden observation tower in the years from 1895 to 1898 replaced by a brick building with a height of 19 m, the oldest lookout tower in Jeseniky. After the 2nd World War II Lookout Tower is closed, after repair in year 1965 served as a television broadcaster. After reconstruction in 1996-1998 made available again when it was built by a separate transmitter mast.

When visibility is good, you can keep an eye on the tower in Breslau (Wroclaw - PL), or see the highest peaks of the High Tatras. Since April 2006, the restored post office and straight from the tower you can send ordinary correspondence, both domestic and foreign.

Accessibility in May to October - daily from 9.oo to 18.oo pm. In good weather from sunrise to sunset. In November to April - on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and holidays from 11.o to 15.oo pm.

Visits outside these dates can be arranged on tel .: +420 603 342 011 - Miroslav Petrik (warden of the tower). "The observation tower is located in the border zone, the identity cards keep together."

Phone+(420) 603 342 011