Auto moto veterán klub Česká Ves

Auto moto veterán klub Česká Ves

Car veteran club in the Czech Ves ACR was founded 6. 11. 1998. The club was founded by 14 enthusiasts. The emergence of the club initiated the collector of vintage motorcycles Jiří Hauerland. One of the key objectives of the Veteran Car Club Česká Ves was to build a museum of historic motorcycles, which succeeded in r. 1999, when the museum was inaugurated (6.12). The museum is located behind the restaurant in the Česká Ves in a former bowling alley, room is thirty-six meters long and six meters wide. Near it is a replica of a historic workshop from the years 1910 to 1930 built in former garage. The museum has a collection of vintage motorcycles, cars, historical furniture, club trophies, documentation about motoring movement in Jesenik region, presentation of the achievements of athletes known for autocross, karting, road motorcycles and others. Adjacent land with a gazebo serves as a parking area for organizing various motorcycle rallies. It hosts various social events in the village.

Opening hours

June-August | Mon - Sun 11.00 to 17.00 hrs.
May-September | +420 776 188 684

Off-season by appointment on tel.
+420 776 188 684

25, - CZK - Adults
15, - CZK - children