Regionální Muzeum v Bruntále

Regionální Muzeum v Bruntále

Museum in Bruntál is an organization of the Regional Authority of the Moravian mission of combining regional museum and management of historical buildings. As a regional museum collects, processes, stores, preserves and presents tangible cultural and natural heritage in the collection area Hruby and Low Jesenik and its foothills. Management of historical buildings is the management, operation, maintenance, repair and reconstruction of the most important cultural monuments Bruntál - chateau Bruntál, Sovinec Castle and Scythe Manufacture in Karlovice in Silesia - including parts of the furniture funds.

Museum in Bruntál is a direct successor of continuous municipal museum, whose origins can be traced to the years 1898 to 1907, when the Museum Society become Museum Association. In 1915, the museum buys so. Gabriel's house on the square as its first building. Bruntal museum, which is since 1953 the museum district, gradually took into their care and the most important historic buildings in the district: Bruntal Castle, which houses since 1957, the ruins Sovince and Scythe Manufacture in Karlovice.

Bruntal museum gathered in the course of its activities for more than 43,000 collection items, which are divided into funds archeology, history, art history, ethnography, old prints, forestry, botany, zoology, geology and entomology. The museum also manages the castle furniture Bruntál with 1,742 objects and libraries heritage castle Bruntál and Sovinec with almost 34 thousand volumes of books. An important documentation center of the photo archive with an extensive collection of photos and negatives. The museum library with more than eleven thousand library units of the public library, containing conventional libraries unavailable specialized and regional titles.

Currently it operates a museum next to the castle interior exhibition in Bruntal sixteen other museum exhibitions. Exhibitions and museum of modern art museum held an average of 13 to 15 per year.

An important form of presentation outputs the editorial work - the museum has published a number of monographs, catalogs of collections and exhibitions, collections, promotional prints, flyers, invitations and posters, brochures and photos. Nor should we forget the extensive publishing pf the museum staff.

Cultural - educational activities include guided tours of the museum exhibitions and expositions, lectures, discussions and excursions. The museum is also organizing numerous large-scale cultural events - concerts, theater performances, fairs, Easter and Christmas castle and museum nights.

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