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Wonderful and very pronounced peak of the main ridge, bordered on all sides. Seat Peklo (847 meters) and the nameless saddles with neighboring peak Karkulka (925 meters). Eastern slopes fall into the depths of the Stříbrného údolí, the western slopes to the Polish valley Biala Ladeckiej. Straight from the summit offers spectacular views of the group Špičáku to the village Skorošice and Gory Zloté, in good weather you can see the tip of the Śnieżnik. On the southern slope just below the summit there are some nice rocks, all of which offer spectacular views of the Stříbrné údolí and the entire central portion of Rychlebske hills. Also, a short and rocky northeastern pommel called Peklo is an impressive view. In Poland, under a southwest slope lies the picturesque mountain village Bielice. The summit itself is made up of not tall rocks, also slopes, especially in the south, is dotted with a number of rocks. It can be assumed that within a few years, the view from the top of rapidly growing young spruces gonna be considerably limited. Attention, during the storms is staying on top  dangerous !!!