Vidnavské mokřiny - chráněná přírodní rezervace
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Vidnavské mokřiny - chráněná přírodní rezervace
Vidnavské mokřiny - chráněná přírodní rezervace

Vidnavské mokřiny - chráněná přírodní rezervace

Vidnavské wetlands nature reserve was proclaimed 4/10 1996 Regulation OkÚ Jesenik 96 / RU / 891st
Reserve covers an area of ​​32 ha in the lowest part of the district - 222 m above sea level. In the north and east is defined by the state border with Poland in the south and northwest and then through amelioration ditch. Part of the wetlands are peat meadows lying between amelioration canal and river VIDNAVKOU the left side of the road to the border.

In the community of marsh alders, willows, reeds and sedges rare species of aquatic plants: Bogbean three-blade, water violet, husk common lousewort marsh and forest, relatively rare calla, purple moor blue, grass of Parnassus and protected sundew.
Due to the decline of groundwater in the last fifty years have seen the entire ecosystem of reducing the area of ​​the original peat meadows and reed ingrown and self-seeding trees. For this reason, it is conducted annually in the meadows gradual destruction of the reed and shrub vegetation.

Data processed Agency for Nature Conservation and Landscape confirm the extraordinary diversity of animal species, especially in ornitofauny. The wetlands were observed 90 and 60 extending nesting bird species. Protected nesting species include with certainty as the following:
Eurasian Teal, goshawk, marsh harrier, partridge, Water Rail and field, stock dove, Barn Owl, Common Swift, Kingfisher, Woodlark, great reed warbler, Spotted Flycatcher, whinchat, nightingale, golden oriole, gray heron, Wagtail and hoopoe.
You can see very often zaletující birds for food: gulls, plovers and white stork.

Of reptiles abound viviparous lizard and grass snake. They also presented the findings of a mud turtle shell (of the population has not been established).

Among the protected species of amphibians occurs widely toad and green toad, edible frog and newt.

The uniqueness and originality of the wetlands evidenced by the occurrence of rare small mammals field vole and shrew black.

The pools Vidnavských wetlands lives besides native species of fish (carp, crucian carp, pike, perch, bream etc.) artificially planted fish - grass carp, which feeds shoots reeds and helps maintain the free surface of the water.

The whole area is governed by a separate management plan to ensure the compliance manager rezervace.Touto function was entrusted to Mr. Stephen Nagy, flat Svoboda č.144. Administrator reserve the right to check the local fishermen, especially children, pay attention to maintaining order and cleanliness on the road and in nearby ponds. (Exercise of the right of hunting and fishing is possible only in a limited form, and respecting the protection regime of this nature reserve.)
Vidnavské wetlands are a unique natural habitat, the importance of which goes far beyond our district Jesenik.