Mechové jezírko - naučná stezka

Mechové jezírko - naučná stezka

In 1970 the Administration of the PLA Jeseníky open trail length 2.2 km. The route has 5 stops with illustrative texts of the main phenomena site.

Nature trail Rejvíz Moss lake is only intended for pedestrian visitors!

The largest peat bog in North Moravia type rozvodnicového moors with transitions to slatinám, formed in postglacial (before 6-7 years ago) and its natural environment is preserved thanks to the cold climate. In the eastern and western parts are the lakes located, to the Velkému mechovému jezírku leads a trail. Peat bogs with specific flora and fauna with numerous protected and endangered species of flora and fauna. An important element of protection is consistent prevent the entry into reserve off the tourist path. We therefore ask visitors to respect the uniqueness of this area, do not destroy nature trails and do not enter outside designated areas and marked routes.

Rejvíz is part of an extensive complex of peat meadows in the space between the big and small Mossy Lake. Characteristic for them is high groundwater level and extensive peat moss vegetation. The diversity of the vegetation structures of this type of bow is determined by the dominant species - typically sedges, Scirpus (Scirpus sylvaticus), teasel a river (Cirsium rivulare), horsetail, meadowsweet elm (Filipendula ulmaria) and therefore are meadows around Rejviz only a mosaic of species, but according to the seasons and a wide variety of colors. The rarest are among few-flowered sedge (Carex pauciflora) Tuřice diverging (vignei appropinquata) Tuřice Blešno (vignei pulicaris) Bazanovec kytkokvětý (Nanburgia thyrsiflora) Hladilka general (Ophioglossum vulgarum) střecholistý gladiolus (Gladiolus imbricatus) and many others.

Marginal reserve zone consists of spruce forest, whose character is changing toward the center of the protected area in the bog pine stands. Location is important biotope for many rare and protected species of flora and fauna. Preserved natural values ​​rejvízského peat bogs are not only an object of scientific research, but also very attractive in terms of tourism. Nature trail allows the uniqueness of these values, at least in part, know in immediate contact.

Big Moss Lake Rejvíz

Thanks suitable terrain configuration that allows sufficient water retention on impermeable bedrock were given the basic conditions for the formation of peat bogs. Original spruce forest due to heavy waterlogging died and was gradually replaced by bog pine (Pinus uncinata), which grows to a height of 15 m at the age up to 200 years. At the same time the further development of intensive growth and the formation of sphagnum peat.