Rozhledna Hanse Kudlicha

Rozhledna Hanse Kudlicha

Hans Kudlich lookout tower is located above the village Úvalno in the locality called Strážiště.

The original proposal Maurice Hartel from r. 1902 with a tower considered as obligatory newromantic castle bastion. The new draft prepared brothers Oskar and Eugen Felgelovi, disciples of Otto Wagner at the Vienna Academy. The proposal represents a solid, cubic inaccessible mass of granite masonry, rising up to a maximum of 22 m termination of lightweight polygonal sightseeing gloriet. The project was implemented in Opava construction firm Julius Lundwalla and taht from the foundation stone September 21, 1912 to September 21, 1913, when the tower was officially taken over by municipalities.

In 2000, with the cooperation descendant Hans Kudlich, Mr. Walter Kudlich from the German Burghausen and many other supporters of the municipality Úvalno ensure the reconstruction with an effort to put into a state in which it was in year 1925 In addition wiring was done, security and outdoor lighting of the object.The Interior and exposure adds value to the overall favorable impression from a visit to the tower.

The ground was after the death of Hans Kudlich in 1917 built as a mausoleum with the urn and parked outside the boarding stairs.

TICKETS: Adults 10, - CZK, children under 15 and pensioners 5, - CZK, children under 6 free. Lending telescope: 10, - CZK + ID.


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